Why Signals Pal?

Forex signals allow us to get expert level recommendations from experienced professionals who spend lots of time analyzing and studying the forex market. They develop the trade signals, we just have to trade them. That's better, and easier, than us trying to guess ourselves.

There's also lots of indicators that send out email alerts when there's a good signal. The indicators analyze the charts, crunch the numbers and send us the alerts.

But there is a problem, a big problem; we're not always ready for the signals we receive. Sometimes we're busy at work, with family or friends, or just not free for any reason. Sometimes signals arrive in the middle of the night while we're sleeping.

Forex is a 24 hour market and signals could come at any time, day or night!

So we end up trading just some of the signals we receive, only when it's convenient for us. We miss out on many trade opportunities. We get less than what we paid for. And we draw the wrong conclusions about the signal provider, or the indicator, because we didn't take ALL the recommended signals to get the full results.

Signals Pal solves this problem by automatically placing trades received from your email signals.

With Signals Pal, you can just forward your forex signals emails to Signals Pal and they will be read, parsed and converted to trades in your MT4 account. All automated, even when you're sleeping!

Plus you can override the signals with trailing stops instead of fixed take profit levels, scaling into winning trades or scaling out of trades with multiple take profit levels.

Don't miss out on trading opportunities and get better performance results, with Signals Pal!


Autotrade Email Signals

From signal providers or from indicators.

Just have your email signals send to or forwarded to Signals Pal. Signals Pal will read them, parse them and place the trades for you. Everything runs on the server, 24/7, nothing to install. Save time and never miss trades.

Use Trailing Stops

Use trailing stops for more profit.

Why take profit only where the signal says to take profit?! You can set a trailing stop and ride the price for more profit. Trailing stops have been shown to yield better results, so why not take advantage of them?

Scale Into Trades

Add to winning trades.

When a signal is good and the trade is going as predicted, that's when you should maximize your profit potential by adding to your trade (scaling in). Just set how much more you want to trade and at what percentage of the winning trade.

Scale Out Of Trades

Start taking out profits.

Some signal providers give multiple take profit levels so you can start taking profits as you go (scaling out). For those type of signals, you can set what percentage of your trade size you want to allocate to each take profit level.

Unlimited Signals & Reporting

Try different forex signal providers.

With an unlimited number of signals to trade and everything automated for you, you can now try more signal providers, at the same time. Try them for a while, track their results and then focus on the ones with the best results and use them only.

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Me in Cuba with a Mojito!

Hi, I'm Omar. I use forex signal providers because I don't have time to analyze the market myself. I much prefer getting forex signals for a small monthly fee. To me, it's absolutely worth it to get experienced professional forex traders to send me trade signals.

Because I live in Canada, I wasn't able to place trades for the signals I got for the London session, which is 3 AM my time. I would wake up in the mornings and find several trade signals in my email that were sent to me in the middle of the night. It wasn't a surprise because the London session is the biggest for the forex market. That was a problem, a big problem for me and I had to do something about it.

Being a programmer myself, I decided to see if I can build a system that would automate everything for me.

I started designing the system and then building it piece by piece. From parsing the signal emails, to storing the data, to building the MT4 expert advisor that would receive the data and place the orders. Until it was finished.

I was so happy, finally all those London session signals were being placed, automatically while I was sleeping.

Then I realized it could be even better. I wanted to override the signals with better conditions. It didn't make sense to exit a trade early when I could use a trailing stop instead and stay in the trade as long as possible while it's still going in my direction. I also wanted to add to my trade sizes if the signal was good, and more.

So I got back to work and started developing those features too.

I was even happier than before. Everything was working smoothly and I was automatically taking all the trades I received, at any time and on my conditions.

Shortly after, I showed it to a couple of friends and they wanted to use it too. So I made some more changes to make it work for others also. That's when I decided to put up Signals Pal and make it available for other traders who want to use it too.

This is a tool for people serious about trading forex signals. I hope you see the value in Signals Pal and will use it to your advantage. There is money to be made in forex, you just need the right tools, tools like Signals Pal.

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  • Autotrade your forex email signals
  • Use trailing stops for your signals
  • Scale into winning trades
  • Scale out of winning trades
  • Unlimited signals & reporting
  • Hosted, nothing to install
  • $36 /month
Recent Feedback:

I've been looking for a tool like this, I used to stress out over missing lots of signals, but not anymore. Carlos M.

Most of the signals I got came in the middle of the night, so I had to cancel the signal service. I just signed up again! Eric H.

Love Signals Pal, it freed me up big time! Tony S.

I just wanted to say thank you for Signals Pal. I wouldn't be where I am today without it. Kareem N.
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